There is always a lot going on at KOXE and now there is even MORE! More tickets, more prizes, more fun, and more deals. Every week don't miss out on the BIRTHDAY GIVE-AWAY!!! Get your friends and families' birthdays and anniversaries in every day and every Friday morning a winner from the week is drawn. Also, don't forget to call in on trivia for your chance at Billy Bob's tickets and Dr. Pepper. Every morning around 8:30 and every afternoon around 3:30 is you chance to take a shot at the trivia. Keep listening because you never know when we will have tickets to give away to upcoming events like concerts, pancake suppers, haunted houses, and much more. KOXE gives you more chances to win than any other station. KOXE KBWD is now getting with the times and has updated their entire webpage. Keep track of the website for special details on what is to come. You can also check out their Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and coming soon will be a Myspace.

Many have heard about the new form of communication that KOXE is offering. It's called KOXE DEALS. KOXE DEALS is a new texting program that we are offering to all of our listeners. It is absolutely free. All you do is sign up and you will receive exclusive KOXE DEALS and discounts from local restraunts and businesses. You will also be the first to receive Brownwood Lions sports scores at half-time as well as the final score of the games. So how do you get it? All you have to do is text "LIONS" that's L-I-O-N-S to 69302. You only have to text it once. After that you will be in the list to receive all KOXE DEALS and discounts. You should get an automatic response back from us with your first KOXE DEAL. If you do not get a text right back, give us a call at 646-1013 and we will be glad to help you out. Now, you never know when you might receive a deal, so sign up today so you don't miss out. You can receive up to 30 texts per month. You can opt out at any time by texting stop as a reply to one of the texts. But who would want to? You will be receiving great deals in no time once you text LIONS to 69302 and get signed up for KOXE DEALS.


You can always check out the latest happenings that are going on at KOXE by following KOXE KBWD on Facebook. The link is listed below. Also, make sure and request songs, let us know birthdays and aniversaries, and answer the question of the day all on the Facebook page.