Tuesday Afternoon Meeting for Brownwood Municipal Development District

The BMDD Board will convene at City Hall Council Chambers at 1:30 pm Tuesday, November 19.  The agenda is posted below.

1. Call the meeting to order.
2. Election of Board Officers – President, Vice President and Secretary – for the 2019/2020 Fiscal Year.
3. Items to be withdrawn.
4. Introductions, Announcements and Recognitions.
5. The Board will consider approval of the minutes:
A. BMDD Regular board meeting – September 17, 2019
6. The Board will receive a report from Sports Coordinator Roland Soto.
7. The Board will review the following financial reports:
A. Checklist – October
B. Income Statement – October
C. Loan and Incentive Summary – November
D. Sales Tax – Paid in November
E. Year-end financial and Investment report – Walter Middleton
8. The Board will receive Director’s report:
A. Employment Statistics
B. Project Updates and Activity
9. The BMDD Board may convene into a closed executive session in the Haynes Conference Room, pursuant to the provisions of the Open Meetings Law, Chapter 551, Government Code Vernon’s Annotated, in accordance with the authority contained in the following section:

Section 551.071 – Consultation with Attorney
Section 551.087 – Deliberations regarding economic development negotiations

A. Discussion of a possible amendment related to Starr Sales.
B. Discussion of a possible amendment related to Duckhorn Town Ranch Phase III.
C. Discussion of a possible amendment related to Leeco.

10. The Board will reconvene into Regular Session in the City Council Chambers to take any action deemed necessary as result of the Executive Session.
11. Adjournment

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