Brown County Sheriff’s Report

The Brown County Sheriff’s Department responded to the following calls for assistance.

March 26, at approximately 14:21, Deputy Sheedy met with a complainant who reported a known suspect had stolen his bicycle after he had lent it to him. The suspect refuses
to return the bicycle after receiving notice from the complainant to return it. Information was gathered at the scene and a report was generated. The location was
on Belfast Drive.

On March 26, Deputy Sheedy spoke with a complainant who reported he believed he had been scammed into providing personal identification information to a caller
representing to be with Medicare/Medicaid. Information report generated. The location was County Road 234.

On March 26, Sgt. Taylor Fletcher performed a traffic stop on a blue GMC Pickup on West US Highway 67 in Bangs.  During a consent search of the truck, Sgt. Fletcher
found a glass pipe containing methamphetamine residue and a usable piece of a marijuana roach weighing 0.2 grams. A man was arrested for Possession of Controlled

On March 26, Deputy Toby Mathis responded to a report of an assault not in progress on Cherokee Drive in May. A complainant reported a man assaulted three people before
leaving the area. Information was gathered and a report was made.

On March 27, Deputy Toby Mathis, along with other deputies, assisted Early Police Department in a vehicle pursuit. Visual was lost on the vehicle on County Road
135, but picked up again on CR 152 by Sgt. Fletcher. The vehicle wrecked in a field near CR 196. I located the driver near a residence on CR 159. He did not listen to commands and evaded on foot. A search was conducted but he was not located at that time.

On March 13, at approximately 01:02 hours, Deputy Nicolas Wood initiated a stop on a dark Dodge Dakota quad cab on Highway 279 North. The driver stated he did not have his driver’s license on him and identified himself with last name Allen. I was diverted from this stop for priority backup for another patrol. It was later learned the man
who identified himself was actually someone else who had a felony warrant at the time of the traffic stop A report was made.

On March 28, Deputy Smoot responded to a stolen vehicle call. While speaking with family of the owner, it was discovered 2 habitations were broken into without owner’s
consent. A report was completed for further investigation on two counts of Burglary of Habitation and one count of Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle. The incident was located on FM 1176.

On March 28, Deputy Andre Smoot responded to a suspicious call on County Road 160 where a vehicle drove through a fence. Upon arrival no vehicle was located. I obtained
photographs of damage to the fence for a report.

On March 28, Sgt. Taylor Fletcher performed a traffic stop on a black Mercedes passenger car at West Commerce. During a consent search, I found a plastic purple tube
containing methamphetamine residue inside the passenger’s purse. A man’s driver license was suspended with previous convictions for Driving While License Invalid.
He was arrested for DWLI and a female was arrested for Possession of Controlled Substance Penalty Group less than one gram.