Commissioners Receive Update on COVID Cases and Vaccine Plans

Brown County Commissioners received an update Monday morning, February 22, on the current status of COVID-19.  Lisa Dick, administrator of the Brownwood/Brown County Health Department, told commissioners the number of positive COVID cases last week in Brown County was 50, which was down from 151 the previous week.  There was also limited testing due to the extreme weather and clinics being closed. There is now 5,500 people on the health department waiting list to receive the COVID vaccine.  Weather played havoc with the delivery of 200 doses scheduled for last week.  The health department hopes to conduct the vaccine clinic Tuesday at The Depot, contacting those on the list who previously signed up.  Brown County was allotted another 500 doses this week which the health department hopes to receive this week.  It was also noted that Walgreens and United Pharmacies locally have administered relatively low numbers of the vaccine and some local citizens have gone out of town to receive vaccinations.