City Council Approves Downtown Master Plan


During Tuesday morning’s meeting, the Brownwood City Council unanimously approved the Downtown Master Plan.

Freese & Nichols has been working with the City of Brownwood since February 2023 on development of a new Downtown Master Plan. Through analysis, surveys, public engagement, City Council workshops, and public comment, Freese & Nichols will present the final draft of the new plan for adoption by Brownwood City Council.

More information about the Downtown Master Plan can be found here

The cost of the seven catalyst projects of the Downtown Master Plan are estimated at $24,715,000 – which does not include engineering, illuminated art icons, inspections, and construction management. The estimated cost per catalyst is:

  • Fisk Street – $3,060,000
  • Baker Street – $6,395,000
  • TexasBank Art Park – $1,935,000
  • Railyard Park – $4,740,000
  • Silo Promenade – $1,285,000
  • City Hall – $2,375,000
  • Silo Courtyard – $2,710,000
  • Adams Branch Trailhead – $2,155,000

The City is hopeful the Downtown Master Plan can be implemented over the next 20 years.

In other action Tuesday, City Council approved a resolution naming rooms and spaces in the Brownwood Event Center. The room names are as follows:

  • Upstairs Meeting Room 1 – Hardin
  • Upstairs Meeting Room 2 – Armstrong
  • Main Ballroom – Radford Hall
  • Downstairs Meeting Room – Byars
  • Icehouse Meeting Room 1 – Penateka
  • Icehouse Meeting Room 2 – Mayes
  • Main Stage – Ice House Stage
  • Side Stage – Baker Street Stage
  • Side Stage Lawn – Baker Street Lawn
  • Reunion Lawn – Reunion Lawn

Also Tuesday, Council approved a proposal from ASAP Creative Arts for hand painted signage at the Brownwood Event Center Complex.

The specs for the Brownwood Event Center Complex call for hand painted signage to be included on the main building and in the green room in the Ice House building. The exterior sign on the Event Center will say “Brownwood Event Center” on the ends of the building to match the historic look of the original sign that was on the building for the Radford Grocery Company. The interior sign in the Ice House green room would say “The Ice House at Brownwood” on the main wall of the room. Staff received three quotes for this project with varying prices. Staff recommended ASAP Creative Arts who will use an artist that they work with out of Dallas. The quote for this project is $10,950 which includes travel and lift rental. They are estimating to begin the work in April and take about a week to complete.

Council also approved a resolution to support Hendrick Medical Center-Brownwood to apply for USDA Community Project Funding.

Hendrick Medical Center-Brownwood recently became aware of a grant opportunity for federal funding from the USDA are is in the process of completing required documentation to present to Congressman August Pfluger. The proposed project is for expansion of one of the current vacant floors for Women’s and Children’s Services. HMCB has obtained Level II Maternal and Neonatal State Designations and wants to ensure the ability to take care of its patients without challenges caused my space restraints.

As part of the application process, HMCB was asked to provide letters of support from the community affirming the hospital is a strong and essential partner.

Council also awarded TxCDBG Water and Sewer Line Improvements to JM Pipeline, LLC in the amount of $307,835.

The City of Brownwood recently received a grant contract CDV21-0070, for the amount of $350,000 funded through the Community Development Block Grant, via the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and Texas Department of Agriculture, for the purpose of water and sewer line replacement in the Valley-San Jacinto neighborhood.

The City submitted the grant application around May 3, 2021, received a grant award notice in January 2023, and the grant officially began on February 1, 2023. The City’s administration and design consultants have been working on environmental review and design activities throughout 2023. The City approved plans and began bidding on February 17, 2024.

The City opened on bids on March 13th. The City received two bids – both within budget. Based on the criteria set forth in the City of Brownwood’s Invitation for Bids, eHT believes JM Pipeline, LLC, out of Burnet, Texas, represents the best value for the proposed 2022 TxCDBG Water and Sewer Line Improvements project. eHT recommends the project be awarded to JM Pipeline, LLC for the Base Bid and Additive Alternate A for the total bid of $307,835.

The grant amount is $350,000 and the City’s obligated match amount is $70,000 (paid through ARPA), for a total project budget of $420,000. This total project budget includes costs for engineering, grant administration, and construction. The construction budget is $315,000.

On the consent agenda, Council on authorized the City Manager to sign an agreement and any subsequent addendums, amendments and acceptance of additional funds during the term of the grant contract between the City of Brownwood and the Texas Department of State Health Services for $113,858 – DSHS share of $103,507 – to continue providing Public Health Emergency Preparedness services to our community beginning July 1, 2024, through June 30, 2025.