Some irrigation water in Early contaminated

Some irrigation water in the Early, Texas area has been contaminated with a foreign substance.  According to John Allen, General Manager of the Brown County Water Improvement District #1, a foreign substance was detected earlier today in an irrigation water line.  The contamination has been isolated and that water line has been temporarily closed.  The District is currently unable to supply the untreated irrigation water to the agricultural customers, fewer than ten, on that line.  All affected customers have been notified.

Allen emphasized that this is irrigation water only, not drinking water.  THERE IS NO PUBLIC HEALTH HAZARD.  The District has notified the Texas Council on Environmental Quality, which is conducting tests on the foreign substance.  Resumption of service on the affected line will have to wait until the completion of the TCEQ tests, which will take several days.

An investigation is ongoing as to who introduced the foreign substance, how it was done, and whether or not it was intentional.  Depending on the results of the investigation, criminal charges are possible.